Welcome to Qingrui Huang, ICVA Deputy Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific

Qingrui joined ICVA at the end of July 2018. She will support ICVA’s work in the region, including to strengthen regional engagement with members and partners on issues related to forced displacement and migration and the changing humanitarian system. She will begin by engaging members and partners across the region to develop ICVA’s new Regional Strategy. Prior to joining ICVA, Qingrui worked in a range of areas including labour, migration, development and disaster management with the UN and NGOs in Thailand, Myanmar and China. Her Master’s Degree studies were in the field of Sustainable International Development. Qingrui can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

ICVA Regional Strategy for Asia and the Pacific 2019-2021

In line with the ICVA Strategy 2019-2021, ICVA Asia Regional hub is developing a Regional Strategy in consultation with our members. The Regional Strategy intends to serve as a roadmap to better enable NGO principled and effective humanitarian engagement in key focused areas in Asia and the Pacific. It will also guide the ICVA Secretariat’s overall workplans and allocation of resources to the region. If you would like to participate in a short discussion regarding the development of this strategy, please email Qingrui: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coming Events

ICVA Webinar: Donor perspectives on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus

On 11 September 2018, ICVA and PHAP will organize the fifth and final session in the learning stream on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. After having explored how the three main types of actors in this nexus view the current processes and discussions, we will turn to the perspectives of some of the donors. Join us for a discussion on how the actors behind a large proportion of the funding in these sectors are approaching the issue of how and to what degree humanitarian, development, and peace works should be coordinated and/or integrated. More information and registration at: https://www.icvanetwork.org/topic-5-donor-perspectives-humanitarian-development-peace-nexus 

ICVA-APRRN Dialogue on Forced Migration in Asia: Future Trends and Impacts

As a side event to the 7th Asia Pacific Consultation on Refugee Rights organized by APRRN between 23 and 25 October 2018, ICVA and APRRN are facilitating a half-day Dialogue on Forced Migration Trends and Impacts in Asia and the Pacific. This Dialogue intends to provide a space for interested NGOs, practitioners and policy influencers to discuss about the challenges, opportunities and key actors surrounding the complex forced migration issues including, but not limited to: refugees, internally displaced nationals, asylum-seekers, stateless persons, and environmental migrants, etc., It also intends to open a channel for participants to identify policy and operational options as well as areas of mutual interests in addressing the issues together. The event will take place on 22 October, 2018, registration through APRRN at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCZdZo60s1TI75BzcaPi9-0mY-dnRSd9ZITr9MQQkKz6E57g/viewform is open till 15 September 2018. 

7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Refugee Rights (APCRR7)

APCRR7 will be held from 23-25 October 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. APCRR7 is hosted and coordinated by the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN). APCRR serves as platform to bring together refugee rights practitioners from around the region to discuss and strategize ways to address challenges and share best practices from around the region and the globe. This year APCRR will focus on prioritizing action plans for APRRN members and APRRN working groups. Additional workshops and side sessions may focus upon post deportation monitoring, working with refugee youth, education, protection at sea, the Rohingya crisis, and alternatives to detention. The application to participate in APCRR7 is now open. APRRN organizational and individual members are encouraged to apply. Application link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCZdZo60s1TI75BzcaPi9-0mY-dnRSd9ZITr9MQQkKz6E57g/viewform?usp=sf_link 

SAVE THE DATE: ICVA Regional Members and NGO Fora Meeting

From 11-14 December, the annual ICVA Regional Members and NGO Fora Meeting will be held in Bangkok. This year we will again organize the event in partnership with ADRRN and UNOCHA. Events include ICVA Dialogue on ‘Localizing the Nexus’ the ADRRN AGM, Regional Innovation Forum, plus the Regional Launch of the Sphere handbook Revision. As with previous years, this week of discussions, workshops and events will bring together over 100 NGOs and NGO Fora representatives from around the region to discuss key issues. Further information on the agenda and how to register will be shared soon.

Regional News

Afghanistan Becomes the First Official CRRF Country of Origin

In a letter sent to UNHCR through its Permanent Mission in Geneva on 16 July 2018, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has officially announced its decision to “join and support the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF)“ as a country of origin. The CRRF builds on the pre-existing Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees to Support Voluntary Repatriation, Sustainable Reintegration and Assistance to Host Countries (SSAR) which was launched in 2012 as a comprehensive and integrated regional framework for joint interventions and cross border initiatives, aimed at facilitating the voluntary and gradual return of Afghan refugees and their sustainable reintegration, while providing assistance to their host communities and countries.

ICVA met with the Representative of UNHCR in Afghanistan, Ms. Fathiaa Abdalla, to discuss the announcement and highlighted the need to engage NGOs more closely in the planning and rollout of associated activities. Going forward, UNHCR plan to work with partners and with the Government of Afghanistan to develop a roadmap and decide upon the way forward in rolling out comprehensive responses in this specific context. http://www.globalcrrf.org/crrf_highlight/afghanistan-becomes-first-country-in-asia-to-roll-out-crrf/

UNHCR Propose a Solidarity Approach for the People of Rakhine State 

In early August 2018, UNHCR shared a Concept Note on A Solidarity Approach for the People of Rakhine State (attached) in which it proposes an approach to comprehensive solutions for all people of Rakhine State. The note also highlights the importance of “responsibility-sharing and inclusive growth” and encourages multiple stakeholders to address the refugee situation in a holistic and coordinated manner. ICVA conducted an initial review of the concept note (attached) and has sought feedback widely from the membership. To support the feedback of NGOs on this approach, ICVA also held a multi-stakeholder dialogue between UNHCR, NGOs and partners to discuss the solidarity approach and highlight specific concerns and opportunities within this from the NGO perspective. A detailed summary of feedback will be shared shortly.

 Early Warning Early Action Report (May-Oct 2018)

This report (attached) is the June 2018 update on the preparedness status and activities for risks identified in the Inter-Agency Early Warning Early Action analysis of May 2018. This update is produced by the IASC workstream on the Emergency Response Preparedness approach of the IASC Reference Group on Risk, Early Warning and Preparedness and highlights areas of concern in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

 The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: One year on

25 August 2018 marked one year since hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people fled persecution and violence in Myanmar and sought refuge in Bangladesh. In light of this, a number of reports and statements have been released by NGOs, the UN and other Agencies that have been engaged in this major regional humanitarian crisis throughout the past year, or in many cases for much longer. Here is a selection of some of the key reports and statements:



ICVA Impact Study Consultation

ICVA is searching for a consultant to capture the impact of its work in line with its 2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan and for the year 2018. The TOR and application details can be found here: https://www.icvanetwork.org/node/7951/

National Humanitarian Network Pakistan

A volunteer network, founded in 2010 in result of interactive dialogue in National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) “to act as an independent and vibrant voice to engage with stakeholders throughout Pakistan for promotion of humanitarian values by influencing policies and building capacities to ensure right based humanitarian response”. 172 humanitarian organizations are members of NHN from across Pakistan and it is open for all national and local organizations engaged in humanitarian assistance or disaster management advocacy.  NHN focus on “Effective and Accountable Humanitarian Governance” – mainly in Response and Disaster Preparedness through four major areas i.e. “Coordination/networking, Advocacy, Capacity Building and Information Management”.

NHN is a key network in Pakistan which is well connected with various stakeholders and demonstrated its effectiveness to do proper advocacy and lobbying for access, space and principled response. NHN supports stakeholders in collecting and timely sharing of critical information for preparedness and response as its members are spread across Pakistan and even in hard to reach areas.

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