Forthcoming Events

ICVA Meetings and Events 

June 7: ICVA and NGOs Forward informal lunch discussions between Member States engaged in the GCR process and NGOs

June 8: Learning Stream webinar: UN reform: the link to the "nexus" and what it means for non-UN actors

July 19: Learning Stream webinar: Perspectives of peacebuilding actors in the humanitarian-development-peace nexus

Other Meetings and Events:

June 4-8: 5th intergovernmental negotiations on the GCM

June 12-13: 5th formal consultations on the GCR, UNHCR

June 13: The (im)balance of partnerships, HQAI, Geneva

June 18:  Grand Bargain annual meeting, New York

June 19-21: UNHCR 72nd Standing Committee on Protection, Geneva 

June 19-21: ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment, New York

June 20: World Refugee Day

June 25-26: Annual Tripartite Consultation on Resettlement, Geneva

June 25-29: UNHCR NGO Annual Consultations, Geneva

July 3-4: 6th formal consultations on GCR, UNHCR

July 3-6: Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

July 9-13: Intergovernmental Negotiations of GCM (6/6) 

August 19: World Humanitarian Day

September 19: Second anniversary of the adoption of the New York Declaration 

October 8-9: IASC Working Group meeting

October 23-23: 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Refugee Rights (APCRR7), Bangkok

October: UNHCR Executive Committee Meeting (Geneva)

November 5-9: Geneva Peace Week, Geneva

November 29: IASC Principals Meeting, Geneva

December: DAC meeting on NWOW at HoAs High Level.

National Humanitarian Network Pakistan

A volunteer network, founded in 2010 in result of interactive dialogue in National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) “to act as an independent and vibrant voice to engage with stakeholders throughout Pakistan for promotion of humanitarian values by influencing policies and building capacities to ensure right based humanitarian response”. 172 humanitarian organizations are members of NHN from across Pakistan and it is open for all national and local organizations engaged in humanitarian assistance or disaster management advocacy.  NHN focus on “Effective and Accountable Humanitarian Governance” – mainly in Response and Disaster Preparedness through four major areas i.e. “Coordination/networking, Advocacy, Capacity Building and Information Management”.

NHN is a key network in Pakistan which is well connected with various stakeholders and demonstrated its effectiveness to do proper advocacy and lobbying for access, space and principled response. NHN supports stakeholders in collecting and timely sharing of critical information for preparedness and response as its members are spread across Pakistan and even in hard to reach areas.

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