Surge Emergency Response Team

National Humanitarian Network (NHN) and ActionAid Pakistan have joined hands under Transforming Surge Capacity Project to provide human resource for emergency response by developing a national roster. Roster is focused on rapid deployment of technical experts for CAT-II emergency l on “Assessment, Food Security, Shelter, Wash, Protection and Logistic sectors”.

What is SERT Roster Management?

Roster is a pool of candidates who have already been vetted as viable candidates through the application process and who are ready for immediate selection for emergency response.

The basic aim of the SERT roster is enlisting the right people, ensuring they receive proper training, maintaining availability for deployment, retention – they continue to constitute a key tool for providing additional human resources when surge is needed.

Once you are included in a roster, you will be regularly contacted by e-mail to either confirm your continued interest in upcoming job openings, or you may choose to temporarily put on hold or permanently withdraw your roster candidature.

Who can apply?

People belonging to the following type of organizations / groups

  • Government, UN, I/NNGOs/CSOs Humanitarian and/or non- Humanitarian Staff
  • Consultants
  • Community Leaders, Representatives and Individual Professionals
  • Private Sector

 Member Selection procedure:

Following Recruitment process will be followed during SERT member selection,

  • Apply online by filling in the application form
  • Complete the self assessment form (link to the form will be provided on succesfull submission of online form)
  • Long listing
  • Short listing
  • Panel interviews (The competency-based interview can take place either via telephone, video conference or in person)
  • Reference check.
  • Notification email to selected candidates.

Application Instructions:

  • To apply for the membership click on the relevant sector from the list below.
  • Detailed JDs and requirements for the sector will be displayed in the page. Read the JDs carefully.
  • If you fulfill the criteria then apply using "Apply Online" button .
  • Fill the presented form with your up-to-date information and submit the form. 
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your mentioned email address once the form is received.
  • For any technical issues contact the administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


  1. Protection
  2. Need Assessment
  3. WASH
  4. Food Security
  5. Logistics
  6. Shelter


National Humanitarian Network Pakistan

A volunteer network, founded in 2010 in result of interactive dialogue in National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) “to act as an independent and vibrant voice to engage with stakeholders throughout Pakistan for promotion of humanitarian values by influencing policies and building capacities to ensure right based humanitarian response”. 172 humanitarian organizations are members of NHN from across Pakistan and it is open for all national and local organizations engaged in humanitarian assistance or disaster management advocacy.  NHN focus on “Effective and Accountable Humanitarian Governance” – mainly in Response and Disaster Preparedness through four major areas i.e. “Coordination/networking, Advocacy, Capacity Building and Information Management”.

NHN is a key network in Pakistan which is well connected with various stakeholders and demonstrated its effectiveness to do proper advocacy and lobbying for access, space and principled response. NHN supports stakeholders in collecting and timely sharing of critical information for preparedness and response as its members are spread across Pakistan and even in hard to reach areas.

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